Accessibility Definitions

Audio Description
Audio description is the auditory narration of visual representations such as television programs, films, and live performances. During gaps in dialogue, it describes visual elements such as scenes, settings, actions and costumes.

Auslan Interpreted event
Auslan is the sign language of the Australian Deaf community. Experienced Auslan interpreters stand to the side of the speaker or action and interpret the text and dialogue into Auslan, signing live.

Companion Cards
The Companion Card ensures that people who are unable to attend venues and events without a companion are not charged two admission fees.

Disability parking
A disabled parking space is a designated parking space which has been marked out in a car park as being for disabled persons only.

Disability restroom
Disability restrooms are toilets that have been specially designed to better accommodate people with physical disabilities.

Dog / pet friendly
A location or venue that is suitable for and permits pets, which may include the provision of waste bags or water bowls.

Food – Allergen options
Options are available that are suitable for people with the most common forms of food allergens and intolerances such as cow's milk (dairy), egg, peanut, tree nuts, sesame, soy, fish, shellfish and wheat.

Food - Gluten-free options
Gluten-free food options are available and clearly identified.

Food - Vegan / vegetarian options
Vegan and / or vegetarian food options are available and clearly identified.

Hearing Loop
A hearing loop, sometimes referred to as an induction loop, T-Loop or an audio frequency induction loop, is an assistive listening system that provides access to facilities for those who experience hearing loss and use a hearing aid. It takes a sound source and transfers it directly to a hearing aid without background noise, interference or acoustic distortion.

Nappy changing facilities
A dedicated unisex space that provides a stable surface for changing nappies, hand washing facilities for adults in the immediate vicinity of the change area, and sanitary facilities for soiled nappies.

Non-Verbal Communication Boards
A communication board is a form of AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) that non-verbal people use to communicate with. The communication board will have symbols or words on that people can use to communicate what they want or need.

Open Captioning
Captions are either open or closed. Open captions are always in view and cannot be turned off, whereas closed captions can be turned on and off by the viewer.

Sensory Relaxed Performance
Relaxed performances are created with accessibility in mind, designed to make spaces more welcoming and comfortable for neuro-diverse audience members, anyone on the autism spectrum, and people with sensory and/or communication disorders or learning disabilities.

Suitable for ESL Audiences
Suitable for audiences without a comprehensive understanding of the English language.

Tactile Tours
Audio described tours involving touch and sound exploration of the elements of an event for people who are blind or have a vision impairment.

Unisex restrooms
Unisex restrooms (also referred to as gender-inclusive, gender-neutral, mixed-sex or all-gender, or without any prefix at all) are toilets that are not separated by gender or sex.

Wheelchair accessible venue
A wheelchair user or person with a disability can access the venue or site.

Wheelchair seating available
Are spaces specifically designed for wheelchairs and include features such as an accessible approach, location at grade and clear floor space.