Townsville Cultural Fest


The Townsville Cultural Festival is a not-for-profit community festival organised by the Townsville Intercultural Centre that showcases the diversity of Australian music, food, arts and culture, bringing thousands of people together each year in a celebration of life. From Friday 17 to Sunday 19 August, over 100 performing groups will offer a whole range of multicultural performances including folk, jazz, blues, hip-hop and rock, Indigenous Australian music and dance, drum circles, fire shows, cabaret, poetry, theatre and traditional dance groups from around the world. Each year the festival involves over 300 creative arts, cultural and community groups, making Townsville Cultural Festival one of the most inclusive festivals in Australia. This year is set to be the greatest celebration yet. Townsville Cultural Festival represents the essence of Australian community by bringing together people from all walks of life, in the spirit of unity and friendship. Coming together under the theme of Unity in Diversity gives Townsville Cultural Festival its magical vibe.