Tropic Tales - Love is in town


Come along and listen to real people tell real stories. From first timers to seasoned speaking professionals, there are people from all walks of life telling their stories.

Drinks and light refreshments will be provided. Bookings essential.

Recommended for ages 16 and above.

Be a part of Townsville's history!

Are you a local storyteller? Share your experience and receive a Juliette’s gift voucher

Storytellers will receive free professional training

  • Coaching – How to present to an audience
  • How to prepare a story – Keep rhythm and pacing on track
  • Tips – Conveying meaning and confidence through posture and presence.

Topic 1 - (Not) Just another Day on the Job

Is there one day or event that stands out from your working life in Townsville? Is there an experience that changed your life course or how you see the world, a comedy of errors, a heroic deed, a stroke of luck? Help us paint a picture of work-life in our tropical town. We want stories that take us into your world.

Entries close 25 March 2022.

Topic 2 - Sharing the house

Who or what have you shared your life in Townsville with? We are looking for stories of “Wild” “Life” in our tropical town. The share house, the crazy critters, the bonds that last, the regrets and the laughs.

Entries close 21 April 2022.

Topic 3 - Love is in town

For a day or a lifetime. Romance, courtship, the love of your life or a fleeting moment that you want to share. Love in our tropical town takes many forms and we want to hear about them all.

Entries close 25 April 2022.

If you have a story to tell or know someone who does, contact Kate Osbourne on 07 4727 9667 or