The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


This performance has been cancelled

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you that Melbourne City Ballet as a company has unfortunately closed, without any forewarning, therefore we have to cancel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which was scheduled for Wednesday 23 October 2019.

You are, of cause, entitled to a full refund for all tickets purchased, including booking fees and charges associated with this booking.

Because the performance has been cancelled, there is no need to return your tickets to us (if you have them) in order to receive your refund.

Simply give us a call on (07) 4727 9797 with your credit card details, or if you prefer to refund to a savings or cheque account, or to do it in person rather than over the phone, come into the Civic Theatre on Boundary Street between the hours of 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri, or 9am - 1pm on a Saturday. Please note that cash refunds cannot be given.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused but thank you for your patience and understanding.


Melbourne City Ballet will recreate the cherished story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz for audiences across Australia in 2019. The dancers will click their heels together and get a little bit wicked as they follow the classic tale of Dorothy Gale, a young country girl who is swept away to the magical world of Oz.

Full of enchanting characters, some friendly and some truly wicked! The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will be imaginatively brought to life in this brand new production for Melbourne City Ballet. With stunning new sets and costumes and the company’s largest ensemble to date, this brand new ballet proves there is no place like home, and will be and enchanting event suitable for the whole family.

Don’t miss your chance to see this colourful new ballet, showing for a limited time!