Sylvia Ditchburn: Mapping Loam Island on the Ross


‘The deep north has proven a lure for Australian artists, including Sylvia Ditchburn who arrived in North Queensland from Toowoomba in 1967 and has spent decades since walking in, knowing, painting and evoking in form and exotic colour a landscape that she has found entrancing. Mapping Loam Island on the Ross is constructed like a portrait in homage to this special place, a pocket of wildness on the banks of the Ross River, yet located only 27 minutes’ drive to the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville’s CBD […]

In her capture of this place, she takes us into its smallness which expands into a sense of the holistic connectedness of the natural world.’

-Selection written by Louise Martin-Chew, from her exhibition essay.

Image: Sylvia Ditchburn, Mapping Loam Island on the Ross No. 7, 2020. Acrylic on canvas