Shireen Malamoo: Work is a Healer


Shireen Malamoo’s work is incredibly provocative because it incorporates many powerful contradictions into its visual language. It is at once proud and sombre, beautiful and melancholy.

Malamoo’s work examines her community’s spiritual wounds, and their incredible resilience and remarkable generosity. The truism ‘home is where the heart is’ emphasises the hurt that Malamoo’s people endured as a culture and as a community.

The juxtaposition of Shireen’s maternal religious heritage and her Pentecostal upbringing would prove to be a conflicting yet inspiring influence to her life, psyche, and her art.

Shireen’s mother was stern and would always speak her mind. She had an armoury of retorts to her whinging children, “work is a healer”, and would remind them by maintaining a strong work ethic and religious devotion, that they would thus honour the struggles of their ancestors and make them proud.

Malamoo’s work tells stories through paintings of groups of people together, in the name of spirituality, family, community, or religion, which seem light years away from where we now find ourselves.

Work is a Healer is an exhibition not to be missed.

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