Tim Ferguson - A Fast Life on Wheels


Think disability and comedy don’t mix? Jedi Master of Comedy, Tim Ferguson says, “Giggles go faster on wheels!”

Tim and legendary comedy director Marc Gracie will be giving Townsville punters a chance to witness the comedy legend in a comic masterwork to touch the minds and hearts of audiences.

A Fast Life on Wheels (Fringe World Weekly Award winner and The Advertiser’s Best Male Solo Show at Adelaide Fringe 2019) is Ferguson’s personal tragicomic story showing how fast life in a wheelchair can go.

Definitely the best Fringe show l have seen this year and maybe the best Fringe show l have ever seen. It is that good. Don’t miss it!” - Tony Polese, EVENTAide

Tim proves disability is not the end. His Multiple Sclerosis has put him in a wheelchair, plaguing him with various daunting symptoms you don’t want to know about. But MS won’t stop Australia’s busiest comedian, screenwriter, movie maker, author and comedy writing teacher. “Forget comic timing,” Tim says, “I’m in a hurry!”

What next? Well, a season in Australia’s favourite house…the OPERA HOUSE that is.

A Fast Life On Wheels is headed to America. Tim will explain the NDIS disability support scheme to Americans, proving that when it comes to addressing disabilities, Aussies are ahead of the world.

Always attempting the impossible, Tim promises to “Make America Lose Weight Again!

A testament to the power of humour in any situation, Ferguson constantly defies the challenges of MS. He has vowed to never stop making audiences laugh, saying "I don't 'suffer' MS. It suffers me".

With Tim’s trademark wicked humour, outrageous stories and breath-taking insights, his new hour of comedy is hell on wheels.

:He’s a natural born storyteller, and has lost none of his hard edge... Thoroughly entertaining, irreverent as ever, funny, sad, intelligent, Tim Ferguson is still very much a star!" - The Clothesline, Adelaide