POSE - A celebration of Wearable Art!!!

ONE NIGHT ONLY, featuring Wearable Art Creatives and People, Culture & Country.

Building on its successful performance at Strand Ephemera’s Block Party in 2019, Wearable Art Creatives is back with a line-up of over 30 wearable artworks by artists from Townsville, the Burdekin, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and as far away as Victoria. Wearable Art Creatives will delight audiences of all ages with an array of wild and wonderful wearable art supported by specialist hair, makeup, lighting and vision artists, and performances by local dance company, Ulysses Dancers.

Sharing the stage will be a selection of artworks from the award-winning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Art Project: People, Culture & Country, which showcases cultural storytelling through contemporary, collaborative wearable artworks by students from North Queensland state schools. The People, Culture & Country event will be supported by Big Eye Theatre performers.