Popcorn Underground


Welcome to the immersive world of POPCORN UNDERGROUND starring the obscenely intelligent, beautifully filthy and rib-crackingly funny Reuben Kaye in an explosion of high camp and filthy humour.

Reuben Kaye is an international star, actress, model and award winning cry for help with his band The Kaye Holes. A night of joyously entertaining, cabaret, adult carnival, burlesque, magic, astounding circus and extraordinary artists. A riotous variety show like you’ve never seen before. Combining death defying thrilling acts and hilarious moments that will shock and delight. The creme de la creme of the cabaret world. A magical experience!

"The evil love child of Liza Minnelli and Jim Carrey" - British Theatre Guide

"Beautiful, hilarious, knowing, wicked" - The Times London