Beauty Rich and Rare


Running alongside the modified North Australian Festival of Arts (NAFA), Beauty Rich and Rare recreates the wonder experienced by Joseph Banks and the botanists, scientists, and illustrators who travelled on the HMB Endeavour from England to Australia 250 years ago. Art and Science meet in Beauty Rich and Rare, a vibrant, 20-minute digital work of art showcasing the flora and fauna that is unique to the continent of Australia. Global awareness of Australia’s exotic plants and animals is the result of a fascinating story of intrigue, adventure, and daring exploration – all depicted in Beauty Rich and Rare.

From the moment they enter, visitors are enveloped in Beauty Rich and Rare. In a darkened room, the breathtaking images unfold on a five-panel screen measuring 20 metres long by 2.5 metres tall; surrounding the audience in its 180-degrees. The visual storyline is narrated by renowned Australian personality Angela Catterns.

Using modern digital techniques to interpret real artefacts from the collection, Beauty Rich and Rare captures the imagination of the audience; the show helps them experience the wonder that the HMB Endeavour’s passengers and crew felt on their historic journey.

Visitors of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds will be inspired by the extraordinary accomplishments of these courageous people from the Age of Enlightenment, whose curiosity and daring took them to Australia 250 years ago.

Commissioned by the National Library of Australia. Created and produced by AGB Events, specialists in digital storytelling.

Pre-registration for tickets opens 25 September 2020.

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