Cringe Worthy


Susan doesn’t just like to mention the unmentionable… she broadcasts it in graphic detail! Keeping it uncomfortably real is her mantra. Marriage isn’t a bed of roses, menopause sucks, being polite to telemarketers is hard… being polite to one’s own relatives is even harder!

If you’re sick of people telling you to practice gratefulness and manifest abundance out of the universe, you’re in the right room! Susan embraces grumpiness and her glass is always three quarters empty. Join Susan for some cathartic relief as you discover that other people have anti-social and evil thoughts just like you!

Lewis doesn’t use words like ‘unmentionable’. Nothing is ‘unmentionable’ in Lewis's world! Unsophisticated, unbelievable, unreasonable, unexpected and sometimes even unthinkable but never unmentionable.

If you're easily startled or have a chronic bladder control issue, you may want to sit this one out. Lewis won't be happy until someone turns their drink into a nose sprinkler and a little bit of wee comes out. This storytelling firefighter and funny guy will not disappoint anyone… except maybe his wife?

Lewis and Susan believe cringe worthy is fringe worthy! Join them for an uncomfortable hour as they deliver their own brand of excruciatingly real humour!