TheatreiNQ's The Blood of Kings


The Blood of Kings - adapted by Terri Brabon from the works of William Shakespeare.

Convinced of his divine right to rule, King Richard II governs recklessly and selfishly, creating many powerful enemies including his cousin, Henry Bolingbroke, who leads a rebellion against him that will shake England for generations to come. Amidst the turmoil of this political division, four young cousins fear the growing divide within their family. Will the bounds of their childhood be strong enough to prevent the family being torn apart? Who can they trust? And who is the rightful King?

This is the origin story of The Wars of the Roses - the bloodiest period in Medieval history and the original 'Game of Thrones'. Terri Brabon's adaptation, The Blood of Kings sweeps effortlessly through four of Shakepeare's History plays and includes some of his most famous rogues and rebels including Hotspur, Kate, Prince Hal, Mistress Quickly and the infamous Falstaff.

Featuring Brendan O'Connor as Henry Bolingbroke and welcoming home brothers James Raggatt (NIDA, Hamlet) & Joseph Raggatt (NIDA, Frankenstein) to play Richard II & Prince Hal respectively. They are joined by the incredible talents of our TheatreiNQ Ensemble, The Bridge Project and a team of guest performers. So take a journey with TheatreiNQ for our very special 10th Birthday season. You don't want to miss this!