AFCM The '22s


Here we discover four works that straddle as many centuries, all composed in their respective 22nd year. From 1722 we have Albinoni’s much loved Oboe Concerto, 1822 features Mendelssohn’s neglected but delightful Piano Quartet No. 1, 1922 has Peter Warlock’s wonderful song cycle setting poems by W.B. Yeats, and last but not least for 2022 we give the world premiere of composer-in-residence Paul Dean’s specially written Chamber Symphony. This evening includes dinner and drinks before the concert.

Concerto in D minor for Oboe, Strings, and Continuo, Op. 9, No. 2 (1722)
Emmanuel Cassimatis (oboe), Dene Olding AM (violin), Dimity Hall (violin), Irina Morozova (viola), Julian Smiles (cello), Phoebe Russell (double bass).
Quartet in C minor for Piano, Violin, Viola, and Cello, Op. 1 (1822)
Corey Cerovsek (violin), Jack Liebeck (violin), Charlotte Bonneton (viola), Jamal Aliyev (cello), Daniel Grimwood (piano).
The Curlew for Tenor, Flute, English Horn, and Strings (1920-22)
Lotte Betts-Dean (soprano), Alison Mitchell (flute), Emmanuel Cassimatis (english horn), Brigid Coleridge (violin), Corey Cerovsek (violin), Simon Oswell (viola), Trish Dean (cello).
World Premiere
Concerto for Chamber Orchestra
Jack Liebeck (violin), Corey Cerovsek (violin), Brigid Coleridge (violin), Simon Oswell (viola), Charlotte Bonneton (viola), Jamal Aliyev (cello), Trish Dean (cello), Phoebe Russell (double bass), David Mitchell (bassoon), Emmanuel Cassimatis (oboe), Lloyd van’t Hoff (clarinet), Alison Mitchell (flute), Peter Luff, (french horn), Alice Giles (harp), Daniel Grimwood (piano), Jacob Enoka (percussion) Paul Dean (conductor).
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