AFCM 2022


AFCM 2022...Sounds like Paradise!

The Australian Festival of Chamber Music will take place in Townsville from 29 July to 7 August, 2022. Over 10 days, 30 of the world's finest classical musicians will entertain, inspire and delight audiences in some 30 concerts, conversations and masterclasses.

Incoming Artistic Director, UK based violinist Jack Liebeck, has created a truly exciting program for his first Festival. It is innovative and contemporary whilst still showcasing the classic composers and favourite works of chamber music through the centuries. There are some new elements too, including what he's describing as Guilty Pleasures - musicians playing their all time favourite piece (classical or other), AFCM Illuminates - informative lectures connecting music to science, and the Festival Garden - an informal outdoor space for listening to music and enjoying food and wine.

Our new Festival Garden will provide a place for the audience to congregate, relax, eat and imbibe around performances. Within that will be a new outdoor venue, the Festival Garden Stage, which will showcase wonderful performances from Festival artists and the local community.

AFCM Illuminates series will allow us to open our minds to wonderful new ideas. The series will showcase leading speakers in their fields, discussing their fascinating work and enlightening us in ways we didn’t know possible.

Our Guilty Pleasures segments that are spread through the Festival, each little piece an insight into the (at times sometimes a little weird and wacky) musicians minds!

Our musical program features concerts that explore themes as diverse as Einstein’s love of music, the Fantasy form, the Silver Screen and the vast ocean. We also have two wonderful baroque programs and throughout the festival we discover many pieces that are seldom played but will no doubt be enjoyed by all. Our composer in-residence, Paul Dean will showcase his talents in several premiere performances, the culmination being our specially commissioned Chamber Symphony.

Download a digital copy of the AFCM 2022 Festival Program here.